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The Top 10 AI Tools For Content Creators

Hold on to your martinis, content creators and white-collar workers, because we're unveiling AI tools that will rock you like a leaked celebrity sex tape filmed on a boat.

These ten AI tools are poised to redefine content creation and business management with the impact of a Tarantino plot twist. Think of them as your personal entourage, ready to push your creativity and productivity into the spotlight, but without the rehab stints and tabloid drama. Get ready to embrace these next-gen AI platforms with humour as risqué as a Hollywood producer's casting couch. Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a wild AI ride!

MacGPT, an AI-powered tool that allows you to run OpenAI's ChatGPT locally on your desktop

1. MacGPT

Imagine ChatGPT sitting on your Mac's desktop like a sassy version of R2-D2, ready to banter and provide answers to your every whim. MacGPT brings the power of ChatGPT to your computer locally, allowing you to access AI functionality from your menu bar and natively to all Apple programs. Conversation mode also allows you to engage with the AI through spoken language via your computer's microphone. 

 ChatPDF uses Open AI's ChatGPT API to analyse, interpret and summarise PDF documents

2. ChatPDF

ChatPDF unlocks hidden knowledge in your documents, turning you into a document-sleuthing superhero. ChatPDF allows you to efficiently analyse, summarise and extract any documents. Popular use cases range from financial and sales reports to technical guides and legal contracts.

Nvidia Broadcast uses artificial intelligence to track and replace eye lines in broadcast and live stream video production feeds

3. Nvidia Broadcast

This tool lets you cheat at making eye contact like Tom Cruise in "Minority Report." Nividia Broadcast allows you to read directly from a script or teleprompter and it will use AI to edit the eyes as if you are looking directly at the camera the entire time. They also develop Omniverse, which is a suite of collaborative tools for 3D artists.

 Various first generation, artificial intelligence powered text to video tools for content creators, including RunwayML

4. RunwayML, Decoherence, and

Enter text, get video. These three tools are the OG Star Wars trilogy of text-to-video AI apps; masterful originals that revolutionise how we create and consume visual content. Just like the original trilogy, technological advances will produce more spinoffs, resulting in both cinematic sequels and mediocre movies (the Rise of Skywalker anyone?).

Runway, Decoherence and Kaiber’s latest updates also introduced novel styles, expanding the scope of what's possible in creative video production. Best results on these platforms require the production of some live-action footage, otherwise, your animation will have all the production quality of a children's show made in North Korea.

Midjourney is the world's leading text to image generative AI tool built for content creators and marketers 

5. Midjourney

Ever wanted to replicate the artistic sensibilities of Van Gogh with none of the work? Midjourney is an image generator that uses text prompts to create masterful images in any style, from photography to painting. Move over, Bob Ross – there's a new artist in town!

OpenAI's generative text to image tools for content creators

6. Dall-E-2

This AI powerhouse can generate images from textual descriptions like a magician pulling rabbits out of a hat. It's the ultimate creative sidekick, making your wildest ideas come to life in vivid detail. A notable mention also goes to Adobe Firefly which is currently in private beta for the chosen ones amongst us. 

Jasper AI allows white collar workers to streamline text-based tasks with generative content and templates

7. Jasper AI

The ultimate partner for any marketing manager, Jasper AI is like a lovechild of Don Draper and Tony Stark. Equal parts sophisticated and powerful, Jasper bills itself as the generative AI platform for businesses, promising to help your team create branded content tailored 10X faster than current workflows.

Leiapix Converter is an AI-powered content platform that turns imported image assets into unique 3D animations with depth and movement

8. LeiaPix Converter

Does your social feed look a little sad? Boss got you pumping out more content than Avengers sequels? Leia Pix turns 2D photos into mesmerising 3D animations, allowing you to diversify your content without the production costs. Amazingly, Leiapix allows users to adjust their animations' angles, speed, and animation style in real-time. 

Tome App is an incredible AI powered platform that transforms plain text into stunning pitch decks and presentations

9. Tome App

Imagine if Scorsese and Spielberg collaborated on a PowerPoint presentation. That's what Tome App can do for you – making presentations as engaging as a blockbuster film.

Tome offers several key features such as AI-powered slide creation, automatic formatting, intuitive drag-and-drop operation and classic options like adding visuals or text with just one click.

Superus is a generative AI application that transforms user text input into a creative mind map for storytelling, brainstorming and learning

10. Superus

What if you could flick a switch and have the sprawling genius of Russell Crowe in "A Beautiful Mind" without the side effects of having a mental illness? Superus markets itself as the ultimate brainstorming tool for creative minds, allowing you to turn complex ideas into beautiful, easy-to-understand visual content. Cue the Academy Awards.

So there you have it, Enamoured Iris's AI-powered cast of characters that are set to revolutionise your life. Subscribe to get more news on AI generative tools and platforms for both content creators and business owners!